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Lean in || fini
Posted this in my tumblr yesterday. I’ve really been getting back into it. Feel free to check it out 😊

‘I remember that. That night I was more than my mother’s disappointment and my fettered self esteem. I could shine as bright as any diamond. I had it all right there inside my own heart. If not for him, I’d still be caught in the rough. He saw my potential and he made me shine!’
I really wanted to color this. I’m very happy with this doodle. There were some things that were hard to capture. Logan actually isn’t from our world and his skin color is very red/copper in my head but that was hard to translate into my marker selection. I might experiment combining colored pencils or watercolors or both next time.
Also fun fact that Selphie isn’t super tall. She’s average height of about 5’6. It’s Logan and Lucas that are actually on the short side.
I also learned that markers on this paper feather really bad :/ but live and learn.
Lean in || lines
Very happy with how this turned out. I’ve really gotten back into these guys plus Logan and Selphie (formerly Grey) make me happy.
Fun fact: Selphie is not unusually tall. She’s average height at about 5’6. Logan and Lucas are just short stacks.
Pains of learning new mediums
I’m really trying to learn procreate but I hate that feeling of being behind the curve. Been trying to look up procreate tutorials but most are speedpaints or I can’t ever seem to recreate the few I’ve seen. Most are for photoshop or sai. So I decided to put my WIP here and see if you guys have any tips/tricks/suggestions. I’ve recolored poor bunny’s skin like five times already.
No, I don’t plan to keep the silver crystal that gaudy. I was determining light sources/playing around with brushes.
Bone and meatball heads || Flats
I’ve been wanting to get better at digital coloring. I’ve attempted shading a couple times on this and haven’t been happy with it so I’m going to leave the flats here for now.
Dont cry Bunny || rough pencils
Last night was a bad night for sleep but a great night for ideas. My cat got into some Lilly petals that had fallen off a bouquet I had high up and out of reach. Lillies are highly toxic to cats so I stayed up all night to make sure she didn’t show any symptoms. Good news is kitty is fine!
Onto the sketch, I am in love with the idea of sailor moon/undertale. I have so many ideas that I want to do now.
This one was the idea of our favorite cry baby princess being cheered by echo flowers. Unsure if I want to do this traditionally or digitally. Enjoy the sketch until I decide XD
So I haven’t disappeared I promise! February is always such a busy month for me and the my job transferred me to another store (nothing major it happens quite often) at the beginning of March.
I’m on vacation now and currently attending the LCTC 2018. I’ll be uploading more once I get home :)


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Xx-CupcakeMash-xX Featured By Owner 15 hours ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ahh thank you for the watch, you're art is great!
cherryhobbit Featured By Owner 11 hours ago
You’re welcome! I think your art is great too :D
Xx-CupcakeMash-xX Featured By Owner 11 hours ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Awww thank you \(  ´ω`  )/
bbb35 Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2017
Veryy happy Birthday!!

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RDJ1995 Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2017  Student Filmographer
I wanted to be the first to wish you a very 
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Noe-Izumi Featured By Owner Edited Sep 2, 2017  Professional General Artist
Hello Cherry! Long time no see! ....
Sorry for this, I know it's been like ten years since you drew it and this can be a silly question xD
I'm writing you because I'm drawing a comic on Percy for a fanzine, and at a given moment he conjures a Patronus, and I've always had in mind it was a badger! But I felt bad including it without asking the person who said it and I finally found out it was you! 😊 Would you mind if I use that same idea as a patronus? I really think it fits him! A type of weasel, stubborn and hard worker!
cherryhobbit Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2018
Wow! Hello! I’m sorry this took so long because I haven’t been on this site in ages, but I don’t mind at all :) I’m glad that someone else agrees with me. Hope this didn’t come too late.
Noe-Izumi Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2018  Professional General Artist
Hi! It didn't! Thank you very much! :D
cherryhobbit Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2018
You’re welcome!
Queen-Squishy Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
Hey there Cherry! Long time no see, I just got back to dA after being away for a very long time and wondered how you were. I was hoping I could draw your Dandy Jane at some point as a marine life creature. I hope you are well and if you don't recognize my name I was phoenixprincesdranz all those many moons ago lol. 
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